Free Reseller Tool

You can use the catalog tool to sell our products at your own pricing. We believe it can help our re-sellers save time, attract more buyers and earn more extra cash.

No inventory
No need to download images
No need to do listings one by one

This simple catalog script can be easily embedded into your blog or website. Anyone can have an online store in minutes by simply copying and pasting the code.

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Have a look at the sample catalog below:


1) The design is responsive therefore it is mobile-friendly.

2) Real time update of our products. The catalog auto updates new products and removes the sold out products.

3) A checkout page where customers check their orders and send orders to your email.

4) Other features like categories drop down, search model form and page lookup.

Basically your customer does everything on your blog without leaving.

We are always looking for ways to improve so any feedback or suggestions are very welcome.

How do you earn extra income with our reseller tool:

1) Click here to setup your own pricing!

2) Paste the code onto your blog

3) Upon receiving orders to your email, settle the discounts, shipping cost and payments with your customers.

4) You purchase the paid orders in our store and after payment to us, we will ship out the orders to your customers address. For more info on our dropping service, go to -

How to use our reseller tool?


a) Choose HTML

b) Paste the code into the box and publish

Visit Blogger Demo

2) (Self-hosted, free blog cannot use)

a) Choose TEXT

b) Paste the code into the box and publish

Visit Self-Hosted Wordpress Demo


How to promote your online store and get more sales?

1) Share your online store with your friends at social medias like Facebook or Twitter.

2) Add your website link in your forum signature which you are participating

3) Add your website link in your email signature

4) Write articles in your blog to attract readers

5) Choose some items and create Youtube videos

6) Post comments with your website link at blogs you are reading

How to create hyperlink in your signature?

For support, please email to

Paste the HTML/TEXT code below to embed into your blog. You can edit the width:100% and height:500px to your preferences.

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