P18022 Preorder: Wholesale Korean Bracelets Jewelry

$6.30 S$2.10(SGD)

Estimated Delivery:
Local Courier (Consolidated Orders) delivery by 2018-05-31
Overseas Courier delivery by 2018-05-06

Item Description

21g-190mm Alloy
Model: P18022

Estimated Delivery:
Local Courier (Consolidated Orders) delivery by 2018-05-31
Overseas Courier delivery by 2018-05-06

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“ Thank you cecilia, I got the necklaces so fast. Very happy with the items once again. In time to give away as xmas presents. Thanks for making all these accessories so affordable and good quality. Happy Holidays ✿♥‿♥✿ ”

“ Hi, really appreciated your service, you guys are fast! will definitely support you again :D ”

“ The earrings are drop dead gorgeous, except that the claps (behind the earrings) are VERY TINE PLASTICS, which is very inconvenient to hold and put on the ear because it is so very tiny. This is the only drawback, but I guess we cannot hold FASHION JEWELLERY responsible because they are merely getting the stuff from another country, but perhaps FASHION JEWELLERY should inform their suppliers to provide metal claps holders rather than tiny plastic ones. Otherwise, the earrings are just so lovely, coz the moment the package arrived, I wore it immediately. The pin holding the earrings are very firm as well, good quality, I must say. I am planning to get more jewelery from this fine on-line shopping. What is great is that the items are not small, they are exactly what we see on line, no cheating at all, this Company is very honest in their dealings. May GOD bless them and make them grow. REGGIE BUKIT BANDARAYA, BANGSAR, KUALA LUMPUR ”

“ Hihi:) I love your store and have ordered many items in the past! I love the diversity and ranges you have and the prices are ridiculously cheap, not to mention the super fast delivery. I'm from Australia by the way, and I've never had to wait more than a week for my orders to arrive. Very satisfied customer everytime:) Anyway, below are some domain names you might want to consider. As you may have have guessed from my suggestions, I'm a very girly girl:) People say I live in my own bubble because it's so princessy, sweet and romantic. Feel free to mix and jumble the words to create new variations:) Cheekywinkjewelry Cheekybling Cheekyjewelry Popblingjewelry Onestopprincess (one stop princess) sweetyjewelry Sweetybling You are such an inspiration. I'd love to start a business like you and be committed to the online store while at the same time juggling family life:) thanks for all your great service:) :) good luck with the change in domain name. Regards, Aileen ”

“ I love the gold Austria crystal lucky bag dangle earrings which is really lovely and got all my purchases in 3 days which was really quick and i can't wait to shop for more of your lovely accessories. ”

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