What Is Store Credit and How Can I Use Them?

What is a Store Credit?

Store credit is a credit balance kept with us in your store account.

If you have any credit with us, you can find this balance under the store account.

JewelryBuddies.com > Login > My Account > Credit Balance


You may use this credit balance to deduct future purchases.

Currently, we don’t have any history to track which order your funds are use on.

But you can open up the orders history to keep track of how and where your funds are used.

How can I use the Store Credit?


During checkout, at page 2 of 3 payment information, if you have credits available, the store credit box will be available to use.

To apply the credit, please click to tick the tiny box.

How Store Credit is given?

Extra payment paid like unavailable item/s during packing process, extra shipping cost etc.

Upon packing of the order, if there happen to be any unavailable item/s, we will ship out the orders first.

The extra payment paid for the unavailable item/s will be refund as store credit.

Western Union Users

This credit balance is exceptionally useful to all western union users.

In order to save on the transfer funds fees, you can send us a lump sum, provided that you are comfortable to keep the money with us.

Then you can slowly deduct your order purchases from the funds you send us.

No payment refund for western union users.

Defect Items

For any defect items, store credit is also recommended to use for any refunds.