How Jewelry Buddies Collaborate With Singapore’s School?


I am a student from the School Of Business and Accountancy from XXX Polytechnic. There will be an upcoming bazaar that our school will be hosting and the participating teams will be students from my course. It is part of our coursework and project.

My group is looking at different products that we could sell and we came across your website. Since it is a one day bazaar, we are writing in to see if you could give us a consignment basis deal.

We will be doing pre-orders online as well so we thought it would be a win-win situation as we can help to sell your products and share the profits.

We hope you can give us a good deal as we will be catering to students and the markups will not be very high.

We look forward to your favorable reply. Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Jia Ning

As times goes, I tend to receive similar emails like the one above on wholesale request.

All of them are actually looking at consignment basis. However, JewelryBuddies as a small business, we don’t quite welcome consignment basis business.

What is consignment basis?

Buyers will request for a whole lot of stocks to sell. They will then be making payment on the sold items on a monthly – 30 days basis at a lower price margin.

Buyer can request to top up profitable items or return non profit items in this period.

All unsold items will then be returned to seller upon consignment ends.

Company Bank Account

Lastly, they do need a company bank account to transfer funds to the supplier. However, JewelryBuddies don’t own a company bank account but a personal savings bank account only.

Sorry, we are not able to collaborate with any school’s business project.