How To Protect And Make Fashion Jewelry Last Longer?

Fashion jewelry has become the basic accessories to match your daily outfit and I’m sure that some of you do have a huge collection of them because they are cheap and trendy. With so many fashion trends changing and evolving every day, you will be tempted to add more jewelry to your collection.

Although trend is always on the change, you will still want to wear the beautiful pieces again and again and hopefully those jewelry will stay shiny longer.

What is fashion jewelry made of?

Fashion or costume jewelry are made from cheap materials like alloy, copper, brass or anything that can be turned into jewelry like wood, plastic or fabric.

Will the jewelry rust?

Yes. All jewelry will rust but you can help to prevent them from tarnishing by avoiding air and sun.

Will it turn my skin green?

There is none magical talk here. Although these jewelry has never turn my skin green but I found out that fashion jewelry can turn some skin green after wearing. Here’s why:

Don’t worry, it’s probably not an infection or allergic reaction.

That green hue is just your skin’s response to the copper and other metals commonly mixed into some of your jewels. When the compounds in copper come in contact with acid in sweat, they react to form salts that are green, which leave a residue on the skin. That’s why on a sweltering day, you may notice the staining is even more pronounced. Some soap and patience will take care of it.

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Can I wear cheap jewelry?

Depends as some can wear and some cannot. Check if you have any skin problem and do get advise from your doctor on the types of materials which you can wear. If you are allergic to cheap metals, it is better not to wear any of them.

How to protect my jewelry?

Here I will recommend and focus on how to protect rather than how to clean it. As a quote says, “Prevention is better than cure” right?

So it is best to learn how to protect them than to clean it as by cleaning them, you may accidentally rub or scrub too hard for stubborn stains to cause the plating to come off.

Clear nail polish

Using clear nail polish to coat the jewelry is quite common method but most comment that it is not very effective and only lasts a few months when the polish peels.

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Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze

This is the most effective method to protect silver, gold and all kinds of costume jewelry. Using clear glaze will ensure your pieces to be long lasting, shiny and sparkling for many years to come.

Youtube: Stop all real and fake jewelry from tarnishing

How to maintain the jewelry?

Upon coating with clear glaze, you can give them a double protection by avoiding the following:

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1) Avoid chemicals – soap, perfumes, shampoo, lotion etc

2) Avoid water – remove before going to bath or washing hands

3) Avoid scratch – by not dropping or knocking against hard objects

4) Avoid excessive sweat – do not wear it when exercising or outdoor under the hot sun

5) Use only soft smooth cloth to clean when needed

6) Remove all jewelry before going to bed

How to clean my jewelry?

Just in case, you are not using the clear glaze. Here are some ways to clean it.

Fashion Jewelry can be clean to retain its shiny appearance like gold and sterling silver jewelry.

Here are some tips on how to clean them.

06 2241) Silver Bath

You can get this cleaning solution at any hardware retail outlet. Solution is light blue in color. Dip in your jewelry for not more than 10 seconds, rinse in running water and dry with cloth. Best is to air dry.

2) Silver Cloth

This can also be bought at any retail outlet. I’ve seen grey, blue and white ones. The one I currently have is a white and grey combination. White part is used to clean gold jewelry while grey one is used to clean silver jewelry.

3) Toothpaste

Toothpaste is available at every household. Squeeze a little on a damp cloth and wipe it. Use a toothbrush on rough surface jewelry. Check out this youtube video here >

4) Soft Toothbrush

To simply get the dust and dirt off of your vintage jewelry, use the softest toothbrush that you can find.

5) Salt and Baking soda

Add some salt and baking soda into a bowl of warm water. Dip in your silver jewelry and it turns new immediately.

Best way to clean tarnished silver

How to store fashion jewelry?

After drying, it is advisable to keep them away from sunlight, air and water. Store them individually in zip lock bag or ppc bag and put them in the jewelry box.

You can also try these ideas to showcase some of your jewelry and personality at the same time.

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